Social Media, Television and the Second Screen Experience

Have you watched television and surfed on a second screen at the same time? Many of you watching the Grammy’s and other live events will be Tweeting, sharing and commenting during the live event. Some will call this Social Television.

Social television creates a need and opportunity for interaction between the sender and content consumers.

Several forms of research show a clear tendency of the user to use a device while watching television. In fact there is greater frequency of using a tablet or smartphone when watching television and comments or posts on social networks increase (Nielsen ratings) As well, Additionally, Google has published a study finding some apparent new behaviors on the part of users when consuming content via multiple devices.

Second Screen

If this all feels natural to you, you are not alone. Content providers are rushing to adapt formats for this new reality. There is a plethora  of Apps being built that engage you as you watch an online event.

Getting users to check into apps is hard! But what would happen if we could automatically check into events – like TV shows – automatically? IntoNow is syncing up televisions and second screens. They are among several apps that want you to connect with your friends around the shows you love. A great use of Inbound Marketing!

The use of two screens is rapidly growing. ”This year, I think we’ve seen a maturity in the social television space, which is still very nascent,” says Mark Ghuneim of Trendrr TV, which keeps track of social media around television. “Just looking at this year versus last year, there’s been an 800 percent growth in the commentary around TV, real time.”

According to Nielsen, roughly 40 percent of people who own tablets and smartphones watch TV with them every day

How are people consuming television and als0 using the second screen?

  • Check-ins, what are your friends watching now? Apps like GetGlue ( award badges
  • Direct interaction using # sign and a word. Using the hashtag creates a chat on Twitter and allow viewers to share their thoughts
  • Gaming and Earning points
  • Learn more about the show you are watching

Could the dominant screen become the “second screen” instead of the first? Marketers hope so! They want that 30 second spot during the Super Bowl to become a 5 or 10 minute experience on your second screen.

intonowInto Now represents a company that has begun to marry the second screen with the TV. How are you using your second screen? What are you #intonow ??

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