Social Media as a Customer Experience with Jeofrey Bean

On Tuesday evening I attended an intimate gathering of twelve Social Media enthusiast at Social Media Campfire in Fullerton, CA. We spent the evening listening to Jeofrey Bean who is the author of the business leadership bookThe Customer Experience Revolution – How Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever with Sean Van Tyne.jeoffrey bean

He is also a speaker and Principal of Del Mar Research & Consulting specializing in building value and differentiation with marketing, product development and customer experience leadership. Jeofrey is also an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Business Management at the University of California at San Diego.

A potential customer interacts with your company long before actually becoming a customer! Jeofrey Bean

As I listened to Jeofrey Bean, I found myself writing down notes. Items like the three D’s:

  1. Determine
  2. Develop
  3. Deliver

“The companies that innovate the better customer experience and successfully deliver it ultimately set the bar for all companies,” said  Jeofrey Bean.

Mr. Bean said that the social media product managers should set objectives to determine, develop and deliver a completely new experience for customers and thereby redefine their market. He said that to improve the customer experience you will need to learn and compete with the best.

Jeofrey Bean stated that their benchmark studies show the customer experience must be a better one, different than the others and sustainable. He said roughly 5% of existing companies actually are doing this, 25% are trying and 70% either are not interested and are not trying to improve the customer experience.

The 5% who are practicing a better customer experience are growing, profitable and have more customer advocates. These are companies that recognize their customer experience strength  have learned to measure the gap between themselves and the others. They know  that a better customer experience is a bigger advantage than just relying on traditional product improvements.

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