5 Tips on How Using Google+ Will Improve Your SEO

google plusPosting on Google+ can improve your ability to get found! Here are 5 Google+ posting tips you should start today!

  1. Create Automatic Google+ Title Tags
    Google search results will automatically pull information from your Google+ post to use as the title. The search engine will use the first line of your post as the title as long as you surround with asterisks. In this test post, my first sentence was: *Will be interesting to watch this develop*. (the asterisk are not visible, but they are there)
  2. Enable Faster Content Indexing
    The rate at which Google crawls your website can vary depending on a number of factors. However on Google+, new URLs are crawled almost instantly and are appearing in search results faster. In the test above, my Google+ post showed up about 1 minute later in search results. If you have timely content that you want instant visibility for, make sure you post it on Google+ as soon as possible.
  3. Strengthen Your Social Profiles
    With Google+ it is very easy to link to your various social profiles together. Google+ was built to be an SEO workhorse and having your social profiles linked to your Google+  will increase the rankings of your social profiles.
  4. Use rel=“author” Tags to Increase Traffic
    Getting found and recognized is essential and content is the most important component of search engine optimization. Do you stand out above the noise? To reward early Google+ adopters of the platform, Google instituted a new feature that allows your Google+ profile picture to appear along your content by using the rel=“author” tag. Having your picture appear alongside your content will make it more attractive in search results and thus increase traffic to your website.
  5. Enhance Your Google Ads with the +1 Button
    Have you noticed the +1 buttons on some AdWords displays? Connecting your AdWords and Google+ accounts will allow “endorsements” to appear with your ad, thereby increasing the ad’s authority. To do so, go to your AdWords account and update your Google Analytics account number under My Account. As click-through rates improve, so does your quality score—and everybody loves that.

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