Google+ Hangouts Booming Among News Providers and Politicians

obama hangout

President Obama using a Hangout.

With the political season upon us there has been a boom in the use of Google+ Hangouts. Hangouts are being utilized by the news media as well as politicians as an effective tool to commununicate with their viewers and constituents.

Satellite trucks or underground cables are no longer needed to beam talking heads to people’s living room

Innovative broadcasters like Sarah Hill are leading the way in the use of this new tool and she is also mentors broadcasters and businesses on how to use Google Plus Hangouts to connect with customers face to face.

Here is a great example of a news team utilizing Hangouts to discuss an issue.

News organizations like NBC News, the Daily Beast and many others are starting to incorporate either live or prerecorded Google+ Hangouts into their productions. During the recent political conventions, Google hosted a decked-out Media Lounge complete with 20 Google employees and all the equipment necessary for journalist to stream their Hangouts during the conventions.This was a glimpse of the new world of live-streaming video, Google-style. No airwaves required

Our practical view of Google+ Hangouts

For anyone wanting to produce interactive info cast, whether it be the news networks, corporate PR or as a tool to communicate with a remote audience, Hangouts are a no-brainer. Go for it!

Equipment Needed to produce and host a Hangout

  • Laptop or PC with a webcam       
  • High-Speed Internet connection
  • Google Plus/YouTube account 
  • Willing to talk to strangers

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  1. Anita September 5, 2012

    I have been using G+ for awhile now but have recently tapped into Hang outs…the conversion is much higher than Facebook :)

  2. Dennis Carpenter September 5, 2012

    Anita, can you share a little more about how you are using? And what a conversion means to you?

  3. Ronnie Bincer September 5, 2012

    I do Hangouts and HOAs every day, and help others make them work. I’ve been trying to get to political campaigns (even reserved some HOA URLs for them) but find that the politicians don’t ‘get it’ yet…

    If you know of campaign mgrs. or communications directors you can point my way, that would be great… it is the best way to hold virtual town halls and other political conversations without all the need for ‘travel’.

  4. Tereza Litsa September 6, 2012

    Finally G+ found a way to become useful! And it’s a good one!

  5. Dennis Carpenter September 7, 2012

    Ronnie, invite me to one of your Hangouts! Tereza, I totally agree. I see Google developing a fantastic suite of collaborative products.

    • Ronnie Bincer September 13, 2012

      Dennis, you got it… I’ll contact you on Google Plus and we will set it up.

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